Kiddie City Child Care Community • 280 E. 206th St. Euclid, Ohio 44123(216) 481-9044

Dayna White is serving as our Interim Director.  Dayna as been the Assistant Director for 5 years.

We thank Jennifer Boger for her 12 years of leadership as Executive Director at Kiddie City.  We wish her continued success as she continues her career in Early Childhood Education at St. Rocco's on Cleveland's West Side.

Carole Mozeleski (Gramma M) – Carole is the owner of our previous infant/toddler building on Wilmore and has been a successful business owner for many years.  Gramma M is a tremendous advocate for children and their families and has recently moved back to Ohio to renovate her Kiddie City building at the corner of Wilmore and E. 200th Street as a personal residence and as a home for a new organization - Village Volunteers.  This group will promote volunteering in Euclid.

Sherrie Zagorc (Mrs. Z)  Board Member – Sherrie is a retired (30 years) Family and Consumer Science Teacher (Home Ec/Parenting and Child Development) at Mentor High School.  She left a food service career in 2006 with Sodexho Jones Day/Lubrizol to begin her dream as a child care center employee.  The holder of a Master’s Degree in Education from Cleveland State.   Mrs. Z is the chairperson of our neighborhood’s E. 200th Street Stroll committee.  Sherrie was honored to be selected as the  2010 Kiwanis Citizen of the Year, the Euclid American Legion Post 343 Citizen of the Year, and the recipient of the Euclid Hospital/Cleveland Clinic Community Service Award.  Sherrie also represented Kiddie City in Project Access - a capacity building program of the Cleveland Foundation.   Sherrie received Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce Bright Star 2012 award for Euclid's Chamber of Commerce.

Infant 1 Room

  •  Patrice Sledge (BA)(CDA Student)
  • Tiffany Yarletts (CDA)
  • Valentina Vasili (BA)

Infant 2 Room

  • Ebone Booth (CDA)
  • Shamari Perkins (CDA Student)
Toddler 1 Classroom
  • Mariah White (CDA)
  • Aaliyah Andrews (CDA)
Toddler 2 Classroom
  • Janita Thomas (CDA)

Pre School 1 Classroom

  • Valeria Hugley (CDA)
  • Alison Lewis (BA) (CDA Student)

Pre School 2 Classroom

  • Sharelle Rutledge (CDA)
  • Maria Terranova (BA)

Preschool 3 Classroom

  • Barbara Francis-Crawford (AA ECE)
  • Joe DiBartolomeo (BA) (CDA Student)

Preschool 4 Classroom

  • Rhonda Franklin (CDA)(AA ECE Student)
  • Crystal Cook (CDA Student)



  • Sylvia Finnie (CDA)
  • Artrez Alexander (CDA Student)
  • Dayna White, Executive Director (CDA )(AA ECE)(BAStudent )
  • Charlee Robinson,Administrative Assistant(AA ECE)
  • Jennifer Garza, Curriculum Specialists (MA)
  • Toni Kranek (MA)
  • Helen Shelby (MA)
  • Liz Fay (AA ECE), Food Service Staff 
  • Nicole McCoullough (BA)
  • Laura Asseff (BA)
  • Christine Spikes - Chairperson, School Therapist, Social Worker, and a Euclid Resident
  • Sherrie Zagorc - Secretary, Co-Founder of Kiddie City (biography listed above under co-founders)
  • Meg McGarry -  Euclid resident with Economic and Fund Development Credential
  • Lynnore Walker - A Mentor for CEOGC Head Start
  • Angelique King - Former KC Parent, KC Grandparent and Registered Nurse in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, and a Euclid Resident
  • Carole Mozeleski - Kiddie City Co-Founder
  • Tom Evert - Founder and Executive Director of DancEvert, professional dancer, dance teacher and correographer
  • Janie Mitchell
  • Mary Butler-Scott
  • Georgia Naylor


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