Kiddie City Child Care Community • 280 E. 206th St. Euclid, Ohio 44123(216) 481-9044

Kiddie City provides an enriching learning environment for children from infants through pre-kindergarten in the Euclid area fostering curiosity and imagination to create a lifelong love of learning.

To provide an atmosphere that encourages a positive self esteem and regulation.  A message of positive regard and respect for the individual is evident.  Appropriate verbal interactions with children and adults are modeled using positive words to accomplish goals in a peaceful way.  Encouragement is provided as children transition from emerging to established skills.  Consistent guidance is used to support learning and optimal growth in children.

Let us be concerned with the whole child -
The physical and mental growth,
The feelings, attitudes, and relationships,
The character and personality.
Let us be concerned with the child as an individual -
Having certain innate tendencies, potentialities, and traits.
And also with the child as a member of society -
Having certain rights and privileges, duties, and responsibilities.
~Author Unknown~


Kiddie City Child Care Community, Inc. is a creative play, Christion based, child directed, non-profit corporation with 501 (c)(3) non-profit, tax exempt status from the IRS.  Carole and Sherrie decided from the inception of KiddieCity that they would provide a valuable service to the community by operating the best, non-profit child care center in the area.  We will rely not only on the tuition that we receive from families, Cuyahoga and LakeCounties, but we will be actively seeking funding through donations and grants. Any help that you can provide to us and the children will be gratefully received. And so we are….

Exterior of Kiddie City, Euclid OhioKiddie City opened its door to children ages 6 weeks to 6 years in September 2006.  Our non profit 501 (c)(3)center can maintain a full, year round enrollment of 74 children from approximately 50 families who reside in Cuyahoga and Lake Counties.  We are a Universal PreK provider in our preschool and PreK classrooms and are currently working with the Positive Education Program (PEP) to provide parenting workshops, teacher inservices and weekly Dino School sessions in our preschool and toddler classes that address social and emotional skills for our children. 

In addition to PEP, Kiddie City works with Starting Point to provide staff continuing education and is a food provider to our center with the Ohio Department of Education’s Child and Adult Food Program and an agency with the Cleveland Foodbank.  Kiddie City hosts volunteers year round through the Foster Grandparent Program.  We support early childhood education teacher training by hosting area high school students enrolled in the LakeShore Compact's ECE program.  In  June of this year, Kiddie City was awarded a three Star Step Up to Quality designation by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

Several members of our center’s leadership team are active in community organizations that tie into KiddieCity’s mission:  FRED’S Club Tutoring Programs, Inc. – a nonprofit tutoring program for elementary children in The Euclid Schools, B.R.I.D.G.E.S. (Building Racial Interaction:  Dialogue, Growth, Education, Solutions) – an organization of adults and youth that seeks to make a difference in the life of our community members, and the Euclid Collaborative – a gathering of Euclid social service agencies that meets monthly to educate, share resources, and address common concerns. Our director co-founded the Euclid Child Care Center Network - a group comprised of area child care center directors - and we are active in Euclid's Creating Healthy Communities committee and the Euclid School's FACET (Family and Civic Engagement Team) group.  We incorporate activities in our center to immerse the children and their families in our neighborhood and larger community – partnering with E. 200th Street businesses, local governmental agencies, and area nonprofits to create our annual E. 200th Street Stoll and plan and build "The Playground Express" Infant Toddler Playground in Euclid's Memorial Park.

Our Philosophy

Children need continuous relationships with warm, caring, and supportive adults for healthy development.  Family members must create a secure attachment with their children and provide high quality child care that leads to enhanced development and continuous learning.  A high quality child care program consists of adults who talk and listen attentively to children and who ask thought-provoking questions to promote critical thinking and problem solving.

Children are active learners and as such, need plenty of hands-on experiences with authentic materials.  When children are engaged in meaningful activities that are relevant to their lives, numerous regions of the brain are simultaneously activated. The classroom is enriched with a variety of multi-sensory objects of different shapes, sizes, and colors to promote problem-solving skills.  Warm, comfortable, settings encourage creativity and imagination in children.  Developmentally and age appropriate activities enable the connection between learning and positive emotions throughout the day. 

When children feel secure they can reach their full potential in cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development.  A non-threatening learning environment is a crucial component of the classroom for children to freely explore, experiment, and encounter stimulating new ideas.  Children move freely among the room as they transmit ideas from one learning center to another.

The Kiddie City Child Care Community acknowledges and accepts the diversity of our ever changing world.  This community understands and appreciates the differences and similarities of people and promotes respect and admiration for people of differing races, genders, creeds, ethnicity, and abilities throughout our small community and the expanding community around us.